When American auto builders joined a large engine with a lightweight body, the muscle car was born and the two ingredients were simply magic..legendary actually. For the history buffs out there, it is said that the origin of the muscle car dates back to 1949 when when Oldsmobile put a 303 cubic inch overhead-valve V8 into the 1949 Rocket 88. The car produced a staggering 135 horse power at that time and heads turned and fans were born. The 1960s were pretty much the golden years for muscle cars and cars started to be manufactured purely for drag racing. Dodge, Ford, Pontiac and General Motors all vied to have the top car in the show and rarely did any disappoint. The muscle car era ended around 1974 when the last Super Duty Trans Am was made and now these cars are cherished, prized and sought after collectibles.

The Muscle Car Legends Museum located between Broken Bow and Idabel, OK is a special place that brings honor to this special type of car. Even those who don’t know the history or have no memories of speeding down the road in one of these types of cars can appreciate the beauty of the cars in the museum’s collection. If you know a bit about this type of car, you can expect to see a glimpse of the following on your visit:

Buick – GS, GSX

Chevrolet – Camaro, Chevelle

Dodge – Challenger

Ford – Fairlane, Torino

Mercury – Cougar

Oldsmobile – 442, W-30

Plymouth – ‘cuda, Roadrunner

Pontiac – Judge, Trans Am

Shelby – 1967, 1968, 1969

This museum is a neat place to visit and you may even meet a local or two who may have some racing stories to share! Whether you are swinging through for a night or here for a weeklong vacation, the private luxury cabins at Beavers Bend Creative Escapes in Broken Bow, OK are the perfect place to relax and rest your head. Contact us today at (580) 306-2266 for reservation information.