One of the most beautiful things about living here in Oklahoma is being surrounded by gorgeous, natural forests. Vast areas with towering trees, an abundance of wildlife, and crystal clear lakes and rivers that offer endless places to visit and explore. The Ouachita National Forest covers over 1.8 million acres that spans across Oklahoma and Arkansas. It is truly a breathtaking snapshot of scenery that residents here hold dear and one that keeps visitors coming back.

The extensive system of trails that wind through the forest provide a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you like to walk, hike, camp, fish, bike or ride horseback, you will find a never ending amount of things to do and places to go. When guests at Beavers Bend Creative Escapes are up for some adventure in nature and ask what they should do, ATV’ing is a great option for a fun activity, particularly if you have never tried it.

An ATV is an all-terrain vehicle that is easy to ride and can go almost anywhere–a great alternative to take you where cars can’t go and that might be too far to go on foot. Whether you are looking for rocky bluffs or deep canyon creek crossings, you can find them on an ATV. Riders are always encouraged to “tread lightly” though to protect the forest and for safety. Some helpful tips include:

Stay on designated routes

Cross streams only at designated crossings

Do not chase or disturb wildlife

Stay off soft and wet trails

Take your litter with you

Travel at safe speeds and know your own limitations

Know the weather and plan accordingly

Carry emergency repair equipment and always wear a helmet

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