Let us paint a picture for you…Imagine sitting in a comfortable kayak, gliding down a smooth and pristine river. You take a deep breath as you realize the beauty that surrounds you—the lush greenery, perfect blue skies, gentle sounds of the water around you, birds chirping and maybe the faint sound of a whistling fisherman or hiker nearby. Are you drawn in yet? We certainly are! The best part of this story is that is can be a reality for you with some time spent here in Broken Bow, OK.

Kayaking, whether done solo or with a partner is such a fantastic way to see the outdoors. The Lower Mountain Fork River in particular offers a great place to get in the water. There are some areas that are calm and peaceful, perfect for the beginner and other areas with Class I and II rapids and waterfalls that will thrill those with a bit more paddling experience. For a real thrill ride, you may want to check out Glover River, which provides some untamed and unpredictable water. There are plenty of places to stop and eat a picnic lunch or take your try at catching the big one. The river is a top-notch spot for fly fishing and you may run across a seasoned resident who will show you a secret “honey hole” if you are lucky. There is also a river than winds through the Beavers Bend Resort Park that is very tame, perfect for families and children just trying out a kayak.


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A Few Kayaking Tips for Beginners:

Look for a kayak with the seat in or nearest to the center for maximum balance and efficiency for turning.
Your height and weight determine the size of kayak you need.
A longer kayak will glide smoother but may not maneuver as easily.
A shorter and wider kayak will be more stable and handle waves better.
Choose a bright color so you are easily seen if you get into trouble.
Keep your weight low and centered when getting in and out of the kayak.
When it comes to paddling, lean back to keep the boat stable and move from your torso so your arms don’t get fatigued as quickly.

Now you are ready to get in the water! Make a plan to try it out and whether you are coming our way alone or with a whole group of people, Beavers Bend Creative Escapes in Broken Bow,OK has the perfect private cabin to suit your needs. Our top-notch privately owned properties have all the amenities you need to have a fun, relaxing time. Check out which one may suit your style and needs and call us at (580) 306-2266 for reservation information.