Determine the best cabin camping packing listWho hasn’t forgotten an essential item or two on their cabin camping packing list? Well, we’ve collaborated a compact index of what to bring for your Beavers Bend Creative Escapes cabin vacation. Prepare to get the most out of your stay in the luscious Ouachita National Forest, so retrieve your pen and notepad (or your favorite list-making app) and create the perfect packing list for your visit. 

Essentials for Your Cabin Camping Packing List

What to wear? How many pairs of shoes to bring? What to eat? What to do? Deciding what you’ll need for a few days or a week’s worth of cabin camping can be overwhelming. Prioritize by what you like to do. Are you the kind of person who loves fly fishing or lounging in the Jacuzzi? Do you prefer hiking or shopping? Are you the person grilling fresh corn on the cob over the fire or dining in an exquisite restaurant? You could be one, a combination, or all of these people. Hopefully, this camping packing list will help you refine what you need. 

1. Bug Spray

It’s lovely to spend time in the woods, surrounded by oak trees and the revitalizing scent of sun-kissed leaves. Don’t let irritating insects interfere with that experience. Remember to pack bug spray to keep the mosquitoes and ticks at bay, especially if you’re one who likes to explore one of our many wooded trails

2. Sun GearCanoeing with Friends

Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are great for keeping our bodies safe. You’ll want these before wading into Bend Bow Lake or taking the canoe out for a cruise. Make sure your sunscreen has the right SPF for your skin. Hats are great for protecting your scalp from sunburn—even if you have a luscious head of hair! Sunglasses will shield your eyes from harmful UV rays as well as its reflection off the water. In some cases, sunburn is inevitable, so you’ll want to have a bottle of aloe vera on hand. 

3. Proper Attire

There’s something for everyone at Beavers Bend Creative Escapes. Clothes that suit the activities you want to do are essential for your cabin camping packing list. If you’re here to fly fish, don’t forget those waders (or fishing license!). Anyone looking for a wooded walk, pack a pair of comfortable sneakers—preferably something with grip! Keep your feet and ankles safe by avoiding flipflops or sandals for a hike. But if you prefer to let your toes breathe, consider these nifty hiking sandals as a safe alternative. We also have a fantastic selection of local eats, so pack that cute sundress or a nice pair of khakis and jam out to some live music at Abendigos or knockback your favorite beer at Mountain Fork Brewery. Many of our cabins have relaxing hot tubs, so be sure to bring a bathing suit. And if your place doesn’t, you’ll probably want it for kayaking, paddle boating, or any of our exciting aqua adventures

4. Groceries & Toiletries

No cabin camping packing list is complete without food. Luckily for you, Beavers Bend Creative Escapes’ cabins are fully equipped and furnished, which means you only have to bring the food (or firewood, if you’re that kind of chef) and none of the kitchen equipment. Maybe a small, charcoal grill will best suit your needs or a tripod for fire-roasted treats. 

S’mores are a must, so pack along some marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate—try with dark chocolate! If you don’t have room for groceries in your vehicle, that’s okay. We have a local grocery store nearby that will sate your eating needs. Oh, and, of course, don’t forget any medications or bathroom toiletries. 

5. Things to DoKayaking with Best Friend

Luckily for you, Beavers Bend Creative Escapes excels at entertainment. There are myriad things to do in Beavers Bend, but what about at the cabin? There’s nothing quite like sitting by the fire and reading a good book or playing a game on your favorite handheld device. Cards and board games are great for an evening with family and friends. If you want something a little more active, baseball gloves or frisbee are great additions. You can even bring your favorite furry friend to your Beavers Bend Creative Escape’s dog-friend cabins.  

Cabin Camping Packing is Easy with Us

Beavers Bend Creative Escapes provide the ideal cabin camping experience for any number of guests. Booking a furnished lodge makes packing so much easier. Get the full Ouachita National Forest experience without the added hassle of having to pack cooking or sleeping equipment. Now that you’re fully equipped, you can take in the grandeur of the oak leaves against a bright blue sky completely stress-free. Contact us to plan your prime summer getaway!