Canning may seem like an art of the past and something your grandmother did while you were growing up. The truth is canning, while it takes a bit of effort and time, is the one of the best ways to preserve the fresh produce you love to eat and be able to enjoy it during seasons when it doesn’t grow. There are many places around Beavers Bend Creative Escapes to find local produce and we thought if you were going to stock up a bit during your stay with us, we would give you a few canning tips to get you going!

To start, consider what your favorite fruits and vegetables are. It is always wise to stock up when they are in high season and can be found in abundance at a lower price. Pick some recipes for the produce that you have and follow the instructions properly to ensure the best results. You can invest in a canning discovery kit if you are just starting out or simply gather the following for the boiling method: canning jars with two-part lids—a flat lid with a rubberized gasket and a ring to hold it in place, a stock pot at least 3 inches taller than your jars, canning tongs for lifting jars out of the boiling water, canning rack to raise jars off the bottom of the pot, wide-mouth funnel to make filling jars easy, and a bubble tool to release trapped air in the jars.

When you are ready, place the jars in the pot and fill with water until they are submerged. Boil water for 10 minutes, turn the heat off and leave the jars in the water. Sterilize the lids according to the manufacturers instructions. Use tongs to take jars out. Pour your fruits or vegetables in the jars and wipe off the rims. Leave a quarter-inch of space at the top of the jar. Poke through the contents with a skewer or chopstick to release any bubbles. Put the lids on tight and place the jars on top of a wire rack in a pot of water. Cover the jars with two inches of water and boil for 10 minutes. Remove the jars and let cool for 24 hours. If you see a slight indentation in the lid that means that you have vacuum sealed it correctly. There you go! You will now have delicious goodies to last you through the winter!

Fall will be over before we know it so make a time now to enjoy all that the Beavers Bend area has to offer. Whether you are flying solo, looking for a getaway for two or have a large group, we have a cabin for you at Beavers Bend Creative Escapes. Contact us at 580-306-2265 to reserve your favorite one today.