Welcome to another Cabin Review, courtesy of Beaver’s Bend Creative Escapes. In the last Cabin Review, we covered the Creek Ridge Cabin, a cozy get-away that’s soon to be celebrating ten years of service!

This time we’re focused on the Freedom Found Cabin, where freedom abounds! This cabin pulled out all the stops when it comes to relaxing, both in solitude and with friends and family. Freedom Found Cabin features five bedrooms, that all come with a King-sized bed, which is perfect for large groups of both friends and family! The open floor plan of this cabin makes a perfect space for spreading out while still being together.

This cabin has a range of accommodations that are sure to impress! Have some good wine and better conversation while dinner is being prepared in the fully-stocked kitchen. For anyone that loves the sound of a crackling fire, there is both a fireplace and an outdoor fire pit. Imagine yourself watching the beautiful Broken Bow sunset while the jet streams in the outdoor hot tub take the stress right out! Freedom Found Cabin is also great for kids, with a loft that has both a game-room and pool table with plenty of space.

If you have someone in your group who relaxes with reels and fishing line, the Freedom Found Cabin has the exclusive bonus of being directly on the water, with its own private pond in the backyard! Even those that don’t fish will appreciate the calming sound of water, and the gorgeous view that it creates at sunrise and sunset.

Check the availability of Freedom Found Cabin here. Thanks for reading this edition of Cabin Review from Beaver’s Bend Creative Escapes, we hope you’ll book your next getaway soon!