two women clipping into a zip line

As August begins and the Summer Break comes to an end, more and more people are looking to squeeze in one last hurrah! Come and take your adventure to new heights with Rugaru Adventures. Get a once-in-a-lifetime view (unless you do it again!) as you glide 3,200 ft through the forest and then directly over Broken Bow Lake.

Can you spot the elusive Rugaru as you sail through the tree tops? A Rugaru (also called a  Rougarou) is a legendary beast that is said to resemble a werewolf. Started in the Laurentien French community in Canada and passed down through generations, the story of the Rugaru now stands firm in Southern folklore. With the body of a human and the head of a wolf, some say the Rugaru only exists to teach naughty children a lesson- but keep your eyes peeled as you glide along, you might catch a glimpse!

As well as fun, safety is one of the main priorities at Rugaru Adventures, which is why there are daily course inspections, high quality equipment, and professional training for all the guides. This is what makes Rugaru Adventures great for families and groups! Even guests that may feel uncertain before they take off can expect their guides to support them and create an enjoyable experience.

Located less than ten minutes from Beaver’s Bend Creative Escapes, Rugaru Adventures is a great stop to appreciate the beauty of Broken Bow, OK. If you’re looking to take your adventure to the next level, this is the place!