A photo of a family enjoying a Beavers Bend getawaysVacations are the perfect time for your family to reconnect and make everlasting memories. With a range of cabin options, Beavers Bend Creative Escapes has a vacation rental that’ll check all your boxes. The sooner you start planning your perfect family getaway in Beavers Bend, the sooner you can start making memories.

Top 5 Tips for a Top-Notch Beavers Bend Getaway

The key to a perfect family vacation is proper planning. From creating your itinerary to making reservations to booking a rental that fits your needs, these tips will ease your stress and let you enjoy your family getaway.

  1. Select a rental with enough space for everyone in the family to be comfortable. Beavers Bend Creative Escapes offers cabins with one bedroom up to nine bedrooms, so we can host families of all sizes. Also, think of what other amenities you want in your rental, like an outdoor wood-burning fireplace or a hot tub.
  2. Create your itinerary ahead of time. This doesn’t need to be scheduled down to the minute. However, by planning out what you want to do or see each day, you won’t have to worry about missing anything.
  3. When researching what your family wants to do, check to see if you need to make reservations. Even if reservations are preferred but not required, like at Rugaru Adventures, err on the side of caution and make them anyway.
  4. Think about what everyone in your family would like to do. Beavers Bend has a wide variety of activities and attractions, so there’s something for everyone in your family. Thrill-seekers will enjoy hitting the trails on ATV rentals, while the Museum of Red River is a must for history lovers.
  5. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Vacations are all about exploring the area around you. Discover a new hobby by hiking through Beavers Bend State Park or kayaking along the Mountain Fork River. Have the whole family work together to get out of an escape room or crowd around the dinner table with a recipe you all helped make

An image of a cabin perfect for Beavers Bend getaways.Book Your Broken Bow Family Getaway

Your family will have a relaxing getaway to call home during your Oklahoma vacation when you book with Beavers Bend Creative Escape. Select from a range of rental cabin options to choose one that feels right. To make life even easier, check out the variety of concierge services we offer, including grocery shopping, housekeeping, and rental options. To learn more about our accommodations or special offers, please call us at 580-306-2265.