Do you love to travel the open road with the sun on your shoulders and feeling the wind rush by?

Do you prefer two wheels (okay, maybe three) to four?

Then bring your motorcycle or trikout to Broken Bow, Oklahoma to find some great
rides. Make your favorite cabin escape “home base” and explore some fun area roads during your vacation! (Routes and route names courtesy found at

Some things to consider:

  • Before you leave Broken Bow/Hochatown, know that some of these routes are “remote” with no cell coverage, no gas stations, and no eateries in between towns. Make sure your machine is in good working order, head out with a full tank (or make that last stop in a town before the start of a route for fuel), and either take a snack, a picnic lunch, or simply be prepared to wait until the end of the ride before you can eat again.
  • Wildllife is abundant in this area, especially in the mountains. Be very aware of your surroundings!

The Road to Honobia (58.3 miles): This simple route extends from Broken Bow, north on Highway 259 (past the area of our cabin rentals) to Octavia and Route 144 to Honobia. The Road has a lot of twisting turns and downhill sweeps.

Talimena National Scenic Byway (60.4 miles): The full path of this Byway extends from Talihina, Oklahoma east to Mena, Arkansas. Most of the route is along the gorgeous Route 1 through the Talimena State Park and Ouachita National Forests. This route rides along the main ridge of the Kiamichi Mountains almost the entire length of the ride. This is considered one of the most beautiful rides in the state!

The Rune Stone Ride (81.2 miles): This route goes straight north from Broken Bow, through/over the Kiamichi Mountains in Talihina State Park, and continues up to Heavener. The road has a lot of curves as well as some straight-aways, and is a very enjoyable ride. You can make a side-trip on the western part of the Talimena National Scenic Byway for a longer jaunt.

Twisty 82 (43.6 miles): Head over to Talimena for some enjoyable riding! This route goes straight north from Talimena to Stigler on, you guessed it, some of the most enjoyable twists and turns found in the state. To make it a fun “circle route”, follow Route 9 west from Sigler to Whitefield’s Route 2. While the first half of Route 2 coming south is easy, sweeping roads, you’ll eventually make a right at Kinta, and a left outside of Quinton, and the ride becomes much more exciting: a more lively road down through Robbers Cave State Park, and then south of Wilburton were things get really exciting as you wind your way around hills and valleys (117 miles, round-trip).

Antlers Loop Day-Trip (approx 232 miles): The largest “nearby” ride, this loop goes follows Highway 259 from north of Big Cedar down to just north of Broken Bow, passing right by Broken Bow State Park… and it is easily accessible from any of our cabin rentals! From your rental, go out to Highway 259. Head south towards Broken Bow. You’ll bypass town, instead taking Sweet Home Road and a small loop of county roads that wind back to Route 3. Follow Route 3 to the outskirts of Antlers and catch Highway 271 North through Clayton and Talihina until you reach Route 1 (the beautiful Talimena Byway) through Talihina State Park where you’ll make your way back to Highway 259 and up over the Kiamichi Mountains (an exciting little section), and back down to your cabin getaway.