Celebrate July 4th at our Broken Bow CabinsJuly Fourth events foster some of the best childhood memories. The chance to stay up late to watch fireworks, making patterns in the air with sparklers, grilling out, and playing games with family and friends. Stretch that memory from one night to a whole weekend of fun by staying in Broken Bow cabins at Beavers Bend Creative Escapes.

Oklahoma Scenery that will Knock Your Socks Off

Looking for things to do on the Fourth of July? We have you covered What better way to fully appreciate the Fourth of July than to spend a few days surrounded by some of the United States’ most spectacular scenery. A plethora of such opportunities are within an easy distance of cabins in Broken Bow. Set up the grill and get to barbequing while your friends and family enjoy a game of football, volleyball, or cornhole.

Hit the TrailsScenic Trails near Broken Bow Cabins

If you have an adventurous group, head out to Beavers Bend State Park and navigate their many scenic trails. Stand in awe on a bluff overlooking where the river meets the forest edge for miles on end. Discover hidden waterfalls and navigate burbling creeks. Many of these trails are kid-friendly, so no need to shy away from something a little adventure. 

Make a Splash

If your posse prefers the wetter side of life, check out some scenic river float tours at Skippa-Rock River Floats. Venture into the Oklahoma wilderness from the river’s perspective while navigating some light rapids. There is nothing like basking in the Oklahoma scenery to fill you with gratitude for your life in the United States.

Enhance Your July Fourth Fun by Booking a Broken Bow Cabin

Our extensive cabin listings are perfect for any number of guests. Whether you’re here for a small, private getaway or planning to celebrate Independence Day with a large group of your closest family and friends, Beavers Bend Creative Escapes has the perfect cabin for your needs. There are also several Fourth of July festivals in Oklahoma that occur annually around Beavers Bend from which you can choose. Contact us to begin planning a Fourth of July vacation you’ll remember for a lifetime.