Lady on her front getting a massage, masseus pouring oil into her handAfter a week of work, getting your summer landscaping picture worthy or a day of adventure with the kids, there may not be a better way to unwind and get refreshed then with a relaxing massage! When guests at Beavers Bend Creative Escapes are looking for some renewing and relaxation, we share the great services at Body Harmony Spa in Broken Bow, OK.

The professionals at Body Harmony offer a myriad of services and specials and provide such exceptional service that deemed their business as one of Oklahoma’s top day spas. This is not just a run of the mill spa. With any Body Harmony session you are treated to your own comfy robe and slippers, a private room with bath, and a complimentary recovery snack and drink. They ensure that only pure, organic ingredients are used during treatments and one of their signature benefits is the use of the Body Harmony Instrument Bed™. First, your body conforms to the 9 to 12 inches of memory foam, which offers pure comfort and ultimate relaxation. There are also speakers within the bed so each session can be “choreographed” to music, which adds to the experience of each session in helping you experience full rest and relaxation. They also use health-promoting products such as Shea butter and Dead Sea salt, which improve the appearance and function of your skin and body. Each session becomes a personal experience that is much more beyond just a typical massage.

After you are completely refreshed and renewed, stop and grab lunch or dinner at Abendigo’s Grill & Patio—try the hickory smoked pork tacos or the blackened shrimp with a great beverage on tap! Then head “home” to one of our luxury cabins at Beavers Bend Creative Escapes. Cozy up on the porch with a coffee, read a book and get ready for another great day in Broken Bow. Whether you are here with a friend or the whole family, we have cabins to suit your style and needs. For reservation info, contact us at (580) 306-2266.